We supply AC and BLDC drum motors in standard design with a power of 10W to 2200W and a size from 42mm to 165mm with ratios from 3: 1 to 390: 1. All spur gearboxes and planetary gearboxes are provided with metal gears.

The following drum motors with size are available in the standard program:

AC Motor with spur gearboxes: DM60, DM70, DM80, DM/DMX113, DM/DMX118, DM/DMX165

BLDC Motor with planetary gearboxes: BL42, BL50, BL60, BL70, BL80

In the standard version, the AC drum motors and BLDC drum motors with controller are immediately available from stock. We are happy to offer special designs and combinations, stating the delivery time.

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