DC Planetary Gearmotors

We supply DC planetary gearmotors of sizes D32 mm to D120 mm with a very wide range of reduction ratios.

We can also produce custom-made products or special combinations, e.g. with brakes, encoders, etc. in cooperation with the customer.

The standard sizes (mm) are: Ø 22, Ø32, Ø42, Ø52, Ø62, Ø72, Ø82, Ø105, Ø120.

All gearmotors are designed with helical teeth. All standard ZPN planetary gearboxes have metal teeth.

Catalog_Planetary Gearmotors

technical specifications:

Motor types: Brushed DC motor
Size  : 32mm-120mm
Power: 10W-900W
Voltage: DC 12V/24V/48V
Nominal speed: 3000 rpm
planetary gearbox: 32ZPN-120ZPN
Ratios: 3-400
Speed: see data sheet
Torque: see data sheet
Lifetime: 2000 hours
IP class: IP20-IP60

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