Linear Stepper Motors

The hybrid stepper linear motors take the hybrid motors as the power source, through the advanced technology, the screw drive components are combined with the motor rotor and converted the motor rotation motion into linear motion. The hybrid linear motors adopt the high-efficiency transmission screw design and unique bearing technology, and the motors are superior to the similar products in the market in transmission efficiency, reliability, bearing capacity and life, which are more advantageous than the commonly used metal nut structure design, and the life can be improved at least 8 times. Our motors are suitable for occasions with limited space, high requirements for motor performance and reliability, precise positioning, fast motion and long life.

technical specifications:

Standard sizes (mm) are: Ø20, Ø28, Ø35, Ø39, Ø42, Ø57, Ø86, and Ø110.
High performance
Exceptional endurance
Low noise
Highly effective
Multiple options: different size of motors, different types of leadscrews, different types of nuts.

Technical data and prices on request.

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