Lubrication Systems

Ishan’s centralized lubrication systems are designed for the mechanism lubrication like, bearing, guide way, drum, gear, chain, etc. They can be applied for lubrication on industrial machinery like, lathe, milling machine, press machine, grinding machine, injection moulding machine, etc. The automatic Lubricators have been developed for oil and grease lubrication systems and certified by CE. There are two types of lubrication systems, one works with intermittent lubricators, and the other works with continuous lubricators. The intermittent lubrication systems have also two types, one (Pressure-Relief Lubrication) is to be combined with measuring distributors (DX/DT series), the other(Resistance Lubrication) is used to be combined with resistive distributors (DB/DE/DV series with proportion devices).

technical specifications:


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