Stepper Motors with Planetary Gearbox

We supply stepper motors with Planetary Gearbox in standard design with a size from 20 mm to 110 mm. Hybrid stepper motors are stepper motors which combine the advantages of permanent magnet and reaction. The hybrid stepper motors have excellent performance in torque, speed and resolution. The hybrid stepper motors include standard hybrid stepper motor, high precision hybrid stepper motor and super smooth hybrid stepper motor. We are happy to offer special designs and combinations, stating the delivery time.

technical specifications:

Motor standard sizes (mm) are: Ø20, Ø28, Ø35, Ø39, Ø42, Ø57, Ø86, and Ø110.

Two phases 1.8 ° / 0.9 °, three phases 1.2 ° and five phases 0.72 °

Planetary Gearbox ratios from 1:3 to 1:512

Technical data and prices on request.

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