Stator & Rotor Laminations

For more than 30 years we have been concentrating on the production of stators, rotors, laminations and pole rings. We produce around 15 million sets of these so-called motor cores annually.

We can offer the complete range of services from stamping tools development to sample production, test acceptance, pre-series and series delivery as well as after-sales service.

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technical specifications:

Product Categories:

Universal Motor Core, Elevator Motor Core, Escalator Motor Core, Fan Motor Core ,Induction Motor Core, Custom Motor Core, Servo Motor Core, Shaded Pole Motor Core, DC Motor Core, High Efficiency Motor Core, Plastic Seal Motor Core, Energy-Saving Motor Core, Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Core, Asynchronous Motor Core, Generator Core, AC Commutation Motor Lamination, Reluctance Motor Lamination, Switched Reluctance Drive Motor Lamination, Three-phase Motor Lamination, Stepper Motor Core, Synchronous Motor Core

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